We had the best intentions to make a few time lapses. But it’s harder to do it than what you’d think.

There we are, camera on tripod, settings adjusted and ready to go. Except we realised that we forgot the remote in the car. Doh!

So, instead of going back to fetch it, we decide to use my camera’s fancy pants wifi function, to connect up and use my phone to activate the shutter. We decided on 20 seconds between each photo. So my boyfriend starts the timer. Every 17 seconds. 3.. 2.. 1.. Go. And I take a photo. Our very advanced method of timing and picture taking is working. 15 minutes later, we’re delighted that this is all going well. And another tourist decides to step into where we have the camera framed.

I let out a small squeak. He notices me. He stops in his tracks. Looks over. And then decides to continue walking in front of the camera. I suppose it might have looked like we weren’t actually shooting, since I was on my phone.

In the end, we ended up with some lovely long exposure shots, and less of a time lapse than what we were hoping for. But at least we have the lovely long exposure shots.